Toolkit activities

Needs investigation + interpretation – initiating a PLCConnecting with others’ needs – ReflectionTrainingsImplementation and evaluation of actions – interim reportFinal report next year’s preparation for the communityYear 2 initiation
Month 1-2 of the school yearMonth 2-3 of the school yearMonths 3 & 4 of the school yearRest of the school yearEnd of the school yearBeginning of school year 2
Α5_Needs Assessment using stickersB5.1_Exploring different perspectivesC6_Reflection on trainingD8.1_Teachers’ reflection model after lesson observationΕ5_Final Reflection and Evaluation on the Action Plan for Professiona LearningF5_Wall of memories
A6_In-depth needs analysis form (specification of the topic)B5.2_Looking for the perspectives (“The elephant”)D7_Students’ response and participation form
A9_CompassB9_Using data for decision-makingD9_Using the Reach model to promote the role of the PLC coordinator as an Instructional Leader
A12_Collective ideas for actions and practicesB10_Group Action ReviewD10_Interim Reflection and Evaluation on the Action Plan for Professional Learning
A14_Role on the wall – PLC coordinators’ reflection on the PLC function B12_Stepping into another’s shoes